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Players: 2 - No limit
All you need is a deck of cards and a ton of beer (or drink of choice). Lay all the cards out, face down in a circle. Start with one person drawing a card out of the deck, and continue pulling until the fourth king has been pulled or all the cards are gone, your choice. The person must do something corresponding to the card they pulled as follows:

Ace-5 - If it’s black, you must drink. If it’s red, give out that many drinks to one or more person, the drinks can be shared out. ace is down your drink, not one sip
6 - Rhyme: pick a word and start going around the circle rhyming with it. The first to pause, repeat a word or say something that doesn't rhyme must drink.
7- Waterfall: whoever pulls the card designates which way the waterfall is going (to the right or left). Everyone starts drinking at the same time, when the person who pulls the card stops, whichever way the waterfall is going you must stop drinking in that order (i.e. if the waterfall is going to the left, when the person who pulled the card stops, the person on their left may stop and then the person on their left may stop, etc.)
8- Toilet card, you cannot go to the toilet unless you are in possession of an 8. The 8 must be kept on you at all times, if not it may be stolen by other players.
9 – Reverse order
10 – Invent a new rule. This is something that can be done before each drink or punishment drink, or throughout the game. i.e. double your drink, make someone else drink with you, loose an item of clothing…
Jack – solute, last person to do so must drink
Queen – toast the queen, last person to do so must drink
King - The first person to pull a king chooses the drink, any concoction they choose. The second person to pull a king chooses the vessel from where it is drunk. The third person to pull a king chooses where it is to be drunk The person to pull the forth king must drink everything in the vessel

Other rules.
cannot point, cannot swear, cannot say the word drink(replacementsinclude consumer, embibe, berverage.)

any breaks of these rules result in the a punishment drink

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