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First you need 2 dice and 6 different objects (horses)and an assortment of tokens or something like a bunch of beer caps and divide the caps out among the number of players. Try to have extra caps so people who run out can buy so back from the bank

Next using some electrical tape you make a series of lines across a table or counter wide enough to fit your 6 objects on. Then you designate each object with the numbers 1 through 6. Now idealy you would want to have more than 6 or 7 different segments but the more the merrier

Determine at the beginning how many chips each person gets and you cant win more than double your chips and the extra chips go to the bank where you can buy chips from by chugging a beer for the initial # of chips each person started with.

Only one person per object (rules may vary if your creative)

The each person places there chip or beer cap behind the "horse" they think will win. then take turns rolling the dice and when you roll the "horses" number they move foreward a space. Rolling a double is a social and That horse moves back one segment. The looser of the race rolls both dice and takes that number of drinks. Another variation for the looser is a waterfall where the winner starts first and second place cant stop till winner stops and so on down the line to the looser.

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