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All you need is one six sided dice, a cup, and as many players as you want.

Play begins with the first person shaking the dice inside the cup. While shaking the die, they call out a number (1 thru 6). The cup is quickly placed upside down on the table and then lifted to reveal the number on the dice. If the number is the same as was called, the player has "shot" themself and must drink. The same player goes again and their turn continues until they do not shoot themself. If it is a different number than was called, the player is safe. The players turn is over and the dice and cup are passed to the next player.

Keep track of odd and even numbers. If three odd numbers are rolled in a row, the player rolling the third odd number must drink the last odd number rolled. If three even numbers are rolled in a row, the playing rolling the third even number may pass out that number of drinks to anyone they want.

If a player shoots themself twice in a row on the same turn, they get to make a rule.

If a player shoots themself three times in a row on the same turn, they can choose another player to "haunt". The haunted player must do whatever the haunting player does. So besides having to do their own drinking, they must also drink whenever the haunting player does. Understand that if a player gets to make a rule while haunting someone, the haunted player also gets to make a rule. Hauntings are ended when the Haunted player shoots themself.

That's it! Have fun playing! Any of the rules may be modified to fit your purposes. For example, change the three odd numbers in a row rule to be the player rolling the third odd number must take off an article of clothing. :D If you're not drinking enough, create a rule such as anytime the same number is rolled twice in a row, the player rolling it the second time gets to hand out that number of drinks.

The cup is not necessary, but it helps prevent cheating from people who may try to control their rolls otherwise.

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