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Every time someone says "yup," "uh-huh," or "yo" take a drink.

Whenever drinking in the alley is shown, take 2 drinks.

Every time someone says "propane" take a drink.

When Boomhauer goes on a ramble, start drinking when he starts and keep going until his ramble is over.

Whenever Dale talks about a government conspiracy take 2 drinks.

Every time Bill cries or gets sad take a drink.

If someone says "I tell you what" (usually Hank) take 3 drinks.

Every time Joe Jack says "Honey" take a drink.

Whenever Buck says "Old Top" take a drink.

This game will get you really fucked up on some episodes and not quite as much on others but after about 3 consecutive episodes you will be hammered.

Have fun :)

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