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Players gather around a table after deciding how many 'laps' their race is going to consist of. I would recommend 3-5 laps. After deciding the number of laps, that number of shot glasses need be placed in front of each player.

At this point, from left to right, we fill the shot glasses with alcohol of varying proof. For example, when I first performed the drag race, the shots in order were: Sour Apple Pucker, Vodka, Courvaisier, 151. All players at this time should have their hands behind their back.

With an outsider observing, he/she will count to three and say go. Each player will begin to drink each shot in succession as fast as they can. The person who finishes first, is the winner of the drag race.

To make it a little more difficult, you can put a lighter proof alcohol after the highest proof shot, some people need a little 'recovery time' and it absolutely kills them in the home stretch. Hope you enjoy!

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