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This game can be played on any size pong table, our mini table is sometimes even quicker and more liver destroying than a full size table. Can be played doubles or singles. It may sound complex, but is very easy to learn and awesome to play.

Each player places one full cup of beer on the table a paddle length from the edge. In the middle for one-a-side, a paddle length from the side for doubles.

All the regular rules of pong are out. If you can hit the ball, you have to. Players serve, aiming for the opponents cup. If the ball hits your cup (except on the serve) you must find the ball and return it to the table and say stop. While you are returning the ball, your opponent (drops to one knee) and skolls their drink. If they finish it, you remove your shirt, put your bum against the table and cop a welting!

Getting the ball in the cup at any point (serve included) means the owner of that cup finishes it and refils it. If you hit or get it into your own cup it also counts as if your opponent had done it.

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to hit the ball in front of your cup!!
This can be a weltable offense in competition.

Mostly this game levels out the field in a few rounds and everyone has a great, repeat awesome time.

Playing with stronger drinks (ie, goon, spirits) is also fun and challenging, but mostly you'll just end up paralytic.


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