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Sit everyone around in a circle. Choose one person to start. They start by saying the number 1. The person to their left says then says 2 and so on. When someone is about to say either 5 or a multiple of 5 they must say BIZZ. When somebody is about to say 7, a multiple of 7, any number with a 7 in it (except numbers that start with 7, like 71-74,76,78,79) they must say BUZZ.


1, 2, 3, 4, Bizz, 6, Buzz, 8, 9, Bizz, Buzz, 12, 13, Buzz, Bizz, 16, Buzz, 18, 19, Bizz...

When you get to numbers that are multiples of 5 and 7, like 35 and 70, you say "Bizz Buzz." If anyone messes up, that person drinks and starts over with 1. This is supposed to be a quick moving game so if someone thinks for a minute that counts as messing up. This game is similiar to "Buzz".

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Added: 2002-12-30

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