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Take a deck of cards. Spread it facedown around a cup,mug,ice-bucket (Depends how much money you got for booze)

Clockwise each person will pick up a card.

Ace - 3 (clubs and spades) = Nominate a person to drink either all the shots or divide the shot between the other people. (Guys Only)

Ace - 3 (hearts and diamonds)= Nominate a person to drink either all the shots or divide the shot between the other people. (Girls Only)

4 = "You blink you drink" Nominate one person to take part. Look into each other's eyes. The first to blink, drink!

5 = "Coin Toss" Ask one person to take part. You toss the coin, the other person calls.(Heads or tails). Whoever losses, Drinks!

6 = "Froggie" Clockwise the first person says 'one froggie!' and the next person says 'two eyes!' then the next 'four legs!' then the next 'jump!' then it's two froggies, 4 eyes, eight legs, jump jump. the three froggies, 6 eyes, 12 legs, jump jump jump, and so on.
The person whoe gets it wrong, drinks!

7 = "Sevens" The first person starts at 1. the next person says 2, the next person says 3. Everytime you get to seven or has a seven in it or is a mutiple of seven, you must say 'skip!' and go on with the next number. Get it wrong, DRINK!

8 = "Piss Pass" You can not go and piss or stand up from the table without this card. You have to drink 4 penalty shots or piss in yer pants.

9 = "Nominations" The first person nominates name of: cars, brands, shoes, bands. whatever. And he start with one example: 'I nominate names of bands!' 'Metallica!' Then the next person says another band, and so on, till some can't think of one, Drinks!.

10 = "Make a rule" Not too hectic.

J = All the Dudes Drink!

Q = All the Chicks Drink!

Last but not least the "K" = The first king, that guy chooses the container. The next king that guy chooses the mix. then the next one the alchohol. The Last king, that person... You know what comes next.


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