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Rules are simple, every time you see one of the following in the movie, drink accordingly:

1 Swig:
- A beer is consumed
- Someone falls
- A girls shirt is ripped off
- Landfill acts fat
- Something gets broken
- American Team acts gay

2 Swigs:
- Anyone says "Great Gam Gam" or refers to her as a whore
- Das Boot is mentioned or used
- Anytime food is thrown
- Whenever a frog is jerked off
- When Fink is wearing a different yamaka

3 Swigs:
- "Po Po" is said
- When the German Team acts gay
- Whenever they mispronounce Mr. Schniedelwichsen's name

4 Swigs:
- Someone is killed/dies
- Someone is punched or smacked
- A beer is shotgunned

Finish Drink:
- Someone yodels

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