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Play this with 3 or more players. Basically, the object of the game is to make combinations that equal 7 or 11.

The 3 of Clubs starts the game. So the next play could be a 4 (for 7 drinks) or a 8 (for 11 drinks). You combo off the last card played. Drinks are distributed to the person that follows you.

Kings and Queens can be played at anytime for an automatic 11 drinks. Kings and Queens cannot be played on each other (you cannot play a king on a queen). Jacks can be played at anytime (even on kings and queens) to clear the current card.* After the card is cleared, the person that played the Jack gets to start by playing another card. If the same card is played (example: a 4 on a 4) the order of play is reversed.

K - 11 automatic drinks
Q - 11 automatic drinks
J - clears current card (social drink)
A - is low
2 - 10 = card value

If the player cannot play a card that adds up to 7 or 11, then they must drink.

*If a king (or queen) is played and the next player does not have a queen (or king) or jack to clear, then the pile clears to the person that played the king(or queen) and they get to start play again.

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