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Supplies - Wiffle bat, wiffle balls, and a lot of the 12 oz. drink of your choice.

How to Play: Played like Home Run Derby, but with drinking rules added.

Lay out a playing field, including a home plate, pitchers mound, fair/foul markers, and designated single, double, triple, and home run markers.

Each batter gets 10 batted balls per at-bat.

- Single: a batted ball which passes the single marker in the air
- Double: a batted ball which passes the double marker in the air
- Triple: a batted ball which passes the triple marker in the air
- Home Run: a batted ball which passes the home run marker in the air
- Balls which do not make it past the single marker in the air are "outs"
- Foul balls are "outs"
- Batted balls, other than home runs, which are fielded cleanly...i.e. no bobbles on grounders, caught in the air on fly balls...are "outs"

Drinking Rules:

All singles, doubles, triples, and home runs result in the rest of the players drinking.

- Single: 1 drink
- Double: 2 drinks
- Triple: 4 drinks
- Home Runs: 8 drinks

For all "outs", the batter drinks.

At the end of 9 innings, or whatever is agreed upon prior to starting, the losers must chug/funnel/shotgun an entire beer.


Singles, doubles, and triples result in "ghost runners", who advance the number of bases of the following hit (similar to a ground rule double). I.E. a ghost runner on 1st advances to 3rd (2 bases) on a double.

Similarly, a "ghost runner" can score by way of a following hit. Players drink 1 for each run scored not by home run.

Additionally...ghost runners can then result in 2 run, 3 run, and grand slam home runs. The drinking rules are then:

- Single: 1 drink
- Double: 2 drinks
- Triple: 3 drinks
- Home Run: 4 drinks
- 2-Run Home Run: 5 drinks
- 3-Run Home Run: 6 drinks
- Grand Slam Home Run: chug/funnel/shotgun an entire beer

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