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Watch the movie Shrek and drink every time one of these things happens:

1 Drink:
- Shrek does something gross (fart, burp, bathe in mud, etc)
- The word 'Ogre' is said or seen
- Shrek yells at Donkey
- Donkey pisses Shrek off
- Donkey sings
- Shrek destroys something
- Shrek beats someone up
- Donkey freaks out

2 Drinks:
- 'Lord Farquad' is said
- 'Shrek' and 'Donkey' are said together
- 'Swamp' is mentioned
- 'Muffin Man' is said (scene in castle)
- Princess is a bitch

3 Drinks:
- Reference to Farquad's lack of height
- Duloc is seen or mentioned
- 'Really, really' is said
- 'Noble steed' or 'steed' is said
- People break into song

4 Drinks:
- Shrek wants to be alone / mentions being alone
- Shrek says sorry
- Shrek is made fun of

5 Drinks:
- They hunt an Ogre
- 'That'll do donkey, that'll do' is said
- Princess changes

By Kristin J and Steve C at the University of Scranton

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