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What you will need to play is of course, your favorite drink, and a copy of the cinematics from the video game Xenosaga episode 1. The second one is a little harder to find, but they were released in DVD format a couple of years ago. You can try this while playing the game, but it loses its effect. Or you can do what I did, and that is record your own copy of the cinematics. It's an epic sci-fi story, about 8 hours long, with...well, I'm not here to give a review of the video, just to give you the rules.

Take a drink whenever:

- Shion says "oh, it's nothing". (She says this a lot. This alone could rival "Hi, Bob")
- Allen is ignored or turned down by Shion
- Captain Matthews calls somebody a moron
- Jr. says "Dammit!"
- MOMO gasps
- Shion's braid goes through her shoulder, a pillow, etc
- KOS-MOS kills someone in cold blood
- KOS-MOS' eyes turn from red to blue
- KOS-MOS produces a really big gun from nowhere
- KOS-MOS waits tables or washes dishes
- Cherenkov's pupils get reeeeeaaally tiny
- Albedo laughs maniacally
- Whenever somebody gags like they're going to vomit
- Somebody quotes scripture ("Ye shall be as gods," etc)

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