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These rules are for the series, and not the movie.

Have one sip when:
- Anyone is seen smoking or with a cigarette (2 sips if the cigarette is crushed or unsmokable)
- Spike is seen wearing bandages
- Spike is kicking or punching someone
- Spike performs slight-of-hand
- Spike talks about hating kids, dogs, or women with attitudes (triple if he lists all three)
- somebody's stomach growls
- a ship goes through a hyperspace gate
- the fractured moon is seen
- the three old geezers are seen
- Ed is balancing a computer on her head
- Ed says how hungry she is
- Ed hacks a computer (two if she's singing while doing it)
- Faye talks about or is seen gambling. Two if she says the word "ponies"
- Jet references the ISSP (two if he's seen talking to an old ISSP buddy, three if he spouts some zen platitude)
- Ein barks, growls, whines, or proves himself to be smarter than anyone else
- when you see the mid-show Cowboy Bebop logo
- at the "see you space cowboy" tag line at the end

Two sips:
- Spike develops an eye twitch
- Faye is seen in a towel, robe, etc
- Ein proves himself to be smarter than anyone else
- the three old geezers actually have useful information
- Faye says "ponies"
- Spike gets an eye twitch

Finish your drink if:
- Julia, Vicious, or Andy is seen
- the Bebop crew collect a bounty

...see you drunk space cowboy

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