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Watch Invader ZIM and follow the rules below.

1 drink every time:
- 'Doom' is mentioned
- Zim says "ZIM!"
- Irken symbol is seen or the armada is mentioned
- Zim is burned by food
- Humans go out of their way to avoid Dib
- Video game joke is made
- Zim does something competent
- Gaz freaks out (i.e. is supernaturally strong, bends space/time to get her revenge, gets bug eyed, etc)
- Piggy/Mini-Moose are seen or mentioned

2 drinks every time:
- Mrs. Bitters makes the cicada noise
- Tallest are seen or mentioned
- You see the SKOOL sign
- Gaz schemes
- You see the Roboparents
- GIR has red eyes
- Anyone comments on Dib's giant head
- Fast food commercial is seen
- Angry Monkey is seen
- Metascience is performed in the men's room
- Moose joke is made (this excludes mini-moose)
- You see Professor Membrane

3 drinks every time:
- GIR is watching TV
- Mrs. Bitters is seen floating
- GIR leaves the house without his dog suit
- Roboparents/lawn gnomes attack someone
- Anything needlessly explodes
- Old Kid is sighted
- Dib gets inside ZIM's house
- Holiday joke is made (player's discretion during "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever")
- Takk's ship is seen

5-second chug anytime:
- Dib, Gaz and Professor Membrane are onscreen all at once
- Another alien race is shown (irken exclusive)
- Goo is mentioned
- An unnecessary supernatural occurrence is seen (vampires, zombies, UFOs, etc)
- Zim and Dib work together
- Someone dies

*Exceptions* First episode/opening theme song.

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