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You must have 3 players with 2 die apiece, preferably 3 sets of different colors to avoid confusion. Each player hides one die then rolls the other die. If you roll your hidden number you divide that number of sips among the other players however you want. If you roll a number hidden by another player they drink that number in sips.

Other Rules:

A 1-6 (1,2,3,4,5,6) straight results in a 21-gun (sip) salute.

If all players pick or roll the same number, all players drink that number of sips.

If no action occurs, all players take a social consisting of 1 sip each.

If player rolls die off table that results in a sip for that person.

If all players roll their hidden number all players drink total of hidden die.

If 2 or more players roll hidden number the low number divides sips first, and if a tie occurs the players roll (1) die and low score divides first in addition to drinking because of rolling another players hidden number.

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