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Okay, you've probably seen these types of games before but try this one out...you'll have one hell of a time! To start the game you need at least 4 people, a deck of cards, an empty box (will explain later), and an empty beer/wine bottle (or a bottle with that size of a neck). Everyone sits around a table and you set up the bottle in the middle of the table with the cards scattered face-down in a full circle around the base of the bottle. You go around in a circle and pull one card and follow the corresponding rules below.

It is important that you do not break the circle of cards around the base of the bottle (when you pull a card and there is a gap between two cards - they're not touching). If you break the circle of cards you have to finish the rest of your drink.

After a person pulls a card, he/she then has to place the card face-up on the top of the bottle. If this person causes the cards to fall off the bottle, they have to take the same number of drinks that equals the number of cards that fell landing face-up.

Card Games and Rules:

A - Piss card: You can only take a piss if you pull a piss card! You don't have to place it on the bottle, you can save it for when you have to go then put it on the bottle.

2 - Fuzzy Duck: The first person (person that pulled the card) starts by saying "Fuzzy Duck" and going in a clockwise rotation, the next person says "Fuzzy Duck" and the next and so on. However, anybody can say "Does he?" on their turn and the rotation reverses so the next person has to say "Ducky Fuzz". The next time "Does he?" is said, the rotation reverses again and the next person goes back to saying "Fuzzy Duck". The first person to mess it up has to take a drink. Common mistakes you may hear are "Fucky duck", "Duzzy fuck?".

3 - Story Time: The person who pulls the card starts the story by saying only one word. The next person has to add only one word to the story but must repeat what was said before. Example: "Trevor", next "Trevor went", next "Trevor went to", and so on...small words are still only one word. The first person to mess up the story takes a drink.

4 - I Never: The person who pulls the card says something that they have never done and anyone who HAS done that certain something must take a drink. It's a good game if you have dirt on someone playing and the game often turns kinky.

5 - Question Master: The person who pulls the card now becomes the Question Master and stays the Question Master until the next 5 is pulled. Any time the Question Master asks someone a question and they answer it, the person who answered has to take a drink. However, if players are smart and REMEMBER who the Question Master is, they can tell the Question Master to "Fuck off" and then the Question Master has to take a drink. Questions that people fall for..."Does anyone know what time it is?" or "Who's turn is it?".

6 - Rhyme Time: The person who pulls the card starts by saying one word and in a clockwise rotation, the next person has to rhyme with that word. You cannot say words twice, no names, and you cannot start with non-rhymable words like orange and purple - not fair. The first person to mess it up takes a drink. You don't have forever to think of a rhyming word either...just take a drink dumb ass.

7 - Categories: The person who pulls the card comes up with a category of something like Hockey teams or types of condoms, etc. The next person has to say something in that category. You can't say things twice and you don't have forever to think of something. The person who can't think of something takes a drink.

8 - Boxhead: As soon as someone pulls this card everyone yells "BOX-HEAD, BOX-HEAD, EVERYONE LOVES A BOX-HEAD!!!" and the unfortunate person who pulled the card has to wear the box on his/her head until the next 8 is pulled. The box must have eye holes and a mouth hole so the person can see and drink with the box on their head. It sucks and it's embarrassing when a non-player enters the room.

9 - Rule Card: Make a rule! Depending on who you're playing with, anything goes. If you pull the card and a rule has already been made, you can most definitely un-make a rule instead of making a new one. Examples of rules: tell someone to sing everything they say, or no swearing, or can't say anyone's first name, or you can get kinky and start making people strip and you can also tell people to take drinks or extra drinks. It's whatever!

10 - Sociables: Everyone yells "Sociables!" and toasts then takes a drink.

J - Thumb Master: Whoever pulls this card is now the Thumb Master until the next Jack is drawn. Usually indiscreetly, the Thumb Master will put his/her thumb on the edge of the table and slowly people will start to catch on. They will begin to put their thumbs on the table and the last player to do so has to take a drink. The Thumb Master can put their thumb on the table whenever they want but cannot keep it on the table constantly. After someone drinks the little game starts again with someone noticing and others catching on.

Q - Ladies Drink: All ladies toast and drink.

K - Guys Drink: All guys toast and drink.

For those of you who are a little more daring, you can exchange any game for the following:

Chain Reaction: The person who pulls the card corresponding to this game starts drinking his/her drink. The chain reaction goes clockwise and the person to the left of the starter HAS to start when he/she starts. Everyone has to start drinking when the person before them starts to drink. You have to keep chugging until the person before you stops. The person who pulled the card is basically in control of the stopping; however, you don't have to stop when the person before you stops (you only have to start when they start and you can't stop until they do). If you want to keep chugging and get some people drunk that are after you, KEEP ON CHUGGIN!

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