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Players stand around table. Each player rolls dice to see who goes first. Highest roller is automatically 'Team Captain'. Team Captain then rolls again. Player to their right must beat that roll.

If they beat it, that person then becomes the new Team Captain. They MUST announce their new position by the time they pick up the dice. If they touch the dice without announcing it, other players are then allowed free range to yell it out and they steal the title and become Team Captain.

If they do not beat it, they take as many sips as there is a difference between each players total roll. Example: Team Captain rolls 7, opponent rolls 4: opponent must take 3 drinks.

The Team Captain's goal is to beat every players roll around the table. This is called a shut out. When this happens, each player besides the Team Captain must finish their entire drink. Trust us, this doesn't happen often, so be proud!

Doubles Rule: If the Team Captain rolls doubles, the opponent must beat the total amount of the doubles or drink the total amount. Example: Team Captain rolls double 4's, opponent must beat an 8 or drink 8 if they can't. If challenger rolls higher doubles, they become Team Captain and previous Team Captain must drink that many.

Off-the-table Rule: If player clumsily rolls one of their dice off the table, they must first take a drink for being stupid, and they can only double the one left on the table as their amount for that turn. No re-rolls. Team Captain: Still must take one drink but may re-roll. Roll off both dice? You're an idiot. Take 2 drinks, skip your turn.

Remember, Team Captain gets a new roll before they challenge each opponent. Also, don't get so drunk you forget to announce that you are Team Captain!

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