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This can be played with 5 or 7 card slots, depending on how tough you are!!!

Take a deck without jokers (52 cards), place 7 (or 5) cards in a row in front of the player with the first card face up and the rest face down. The player must say whether the next card in the row is either higher or lower or black or red. If the player is right then they continue on to the next face down card. If wrong those "slots" are filled with cards from the deck and you have to start over taking a drink for every "slot" that has to be filled. The game ends when they have reached the end successfully.

If the next card in the row is the same as the previous card the player drinks double of how many "slots" there are to fill and must start over. Now you can also vary the game by either playing just one deck and the game is over or continue until the player has completed every "stage". The dealer takes drinks when the player has completed it and the player then becomes the dealer.

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