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You can use any amount of beer you have to play this game, you will also need 3 poker chips for every person playing.

First you set the chips up how ever you want to so you can hit one and make one of the other 2 chips bounce up into the cup. This game is kind of like quarters but it takes a lot more skill to set your chips up so they get flipped into the cup.

- if you miss the cup on your turn you must drink
- if you get the chip in the cup then you choose the person who drinks
- if anyone shoots out of turn they must drink half of a beer

Every 5 cups the 6th one is a suicide cup that can either be a full beer or half beer, half vodka or any hard liquor that you have.

That is all of the rules, by the end of the week there will be a demo video on YouTube that shows you how to play.

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Added: 2007-05-31

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