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You use a beer pong table and line up cups in a straight vertical line from opponent to opponent. Make sure each team has the same amount of cups with only one designated middle cup. You must also make a line four feet away from the end of the table on each side. Fill each cup the height of a standard beer pong game. You must use four balls with teams of two or two balls with teams of one.


The rule are simple, this is a rapid fire game. When shooting you must make the cups on the opposite side of the designated middle cup. You must make all the opponent's cups as fast as possible, without making it into the middle cup. If the middle cup is made before all opponent's cups are gone it is a one cup penalty. If no one can shoot because of both balls made, you must give one ball back to the opposing team.

When all opposing cups are made you must move back to the line to shoot for the middle cup. Once middle cup is made the game is over. The winners of the last game shoot first for the next round. REMEMBER DRINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT.

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