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This game is a hybrid of quarters and flip-cup. It's set up the same way as flip cup: Two teams on either side of a table, cups with beer between the line and the middle of the cup. However, there is also a pitcher in the center of the table filled with one beer per three players participating. The first players on each team each have a quarter.

Someone starts the game by counting off "1....2....3....GUZZLE!!". When they yell GUZZLE, the first players try to bounce the quarter into their cup. Once they make it, they drink the beer, pass the quarter to the next person, then try to flip the cup. The next person cannot start bouncing until the previous cup is flipped. Once every player has successfully flipped their cup, the quarter goes back to the first person, who tries to bounce the quarter into the pitcher. Each person gets one attempt at a time. Whichever team makes the quarter into the pitcher first wins, and the other team has to drink the pitcher's contents between them.

Additional rules:

The person starting the game with the countdown can yell something different to try and trick the teams into starting. If someone starts prematurely, they must drink their cup and refill before the game begins.

If both teams are shooting for the pitcher, and someone makes it, the other team as one shot for redemption. If they make it, there is OT. Each team alternates taking a shot at the pitcher. First team to make it without the other matching it wins.

Remember: if you're not guzzling, you're not really drinking!

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