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This game works best when you only have 3 people, but you could play with 4. Any more players and it will get confusing and boring. Everyone should have a beer. Each person gets dealt 3 cards at the beginning of the game. There are 2 rounds in each game. Aces are high.

Round 1: Every one throws down their highest card at the same time. The 2 players with the lowest cards go on to the 2nd round and the player with the highest card is "safe" for now. The cards thrown down in that round are discarded. If two players happen to throw down the same card, whether it is higher or lower then the other card(s), they are the losers of that round and go on to the next round.

Round 2: The last 2 players each have 2 remaining cards. They pick a card to throw down. Whoever has the lowest card (the "loser") has to drink for that many seconds of the card he threw down. The other player (the "winner") has to drink for as many seconds as the single card left in his hand.

The game is then over, all cards are collected, and you may deal out 3 new cards to each player again.

A rare occurrence may happen where both players in the 2nd round throw the same card. In that case, the person sitting out who thought he was "safe" now has to drink for twice the value of the card thrown down. I.E. if both players throw a 10, then the "safe" player drinks for 20 seconds.

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