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This is the most random drinking game ever. Everyone drinks on every turn. In the scenario of 2 players, a card is placed in front of one player, first card does nothing. A card is then placed in front the other player. If the 2 cards match both players take ten drinks, if the cards are one apart (king to queen, 6 to 7, etc) both players take 5 drinks, 4 drinks for 2 apart, 3 for 3 apart, 2 for 4 apart, and 1 for 5 apart.

If another player is added it gets a little more complicated. The same rules apply but all matches are added up. For example, if the 3 cards in front of the players are a king, ace, and 2 you would drink 5 for the king to ace, 4 for the king to 2 (because you wrap around the deck), and 5 for the ace to 2.

You can add more people if you want but this is for 2 or 3 buddies looking to get fucked up in a hurry.

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Added: 2007-06-24

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