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All you need is 1-4 people, a deck of cards, and lots of beer. It has the same feel of sevens but a little different. First take the 4 kings out of the deck and lay them in the center of the table facing out. Deal out 7 cards to all the players and put the rest of the deck in the middle of the 4 kings.

Play starts left of the dealer. The first card needed would be a queen. If you have a queen you lay it on the respectable suit and pass out the number of drinks to as many people as wanted, 2 drinks, one for the king and one for the queen, so when the jack is played it would make for 3 drinks.

There are no gaps, if you can't play a card you drink and draw a card from the deck. First to run out of cards wins and the remaining players pound a beer between them.

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Added: 2007-06-25

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