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This game is just a modification of the game Suits. Suits is where a card's suit is picked and cards are then laid face up in front of each player in turn until the picked suit is laid. The player that received the suit has to drink until the players count to the laid card's value.

For example: a player receives a 5, they start drinking and then the next player says one, the next 2, and so on until 5 is reached.

If a player messes up the count or the drinker finishes the beer while people are still counting then whoever was counting takes the card and they have to do the card. If any beer comes out of the so called empty can they have to do it again.

In Mega Suits instead of people just counting they have to drink their number, then say it. For example: if someone had an 8 and you were the 6th person after them, you drink 6 drinks, then say 6 and it's the next persons turn.

Suits is also known as Irish Poker.

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