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Players: 3-6
Requirements: A deck of cards and plenty of drink should do it.

How to Play: Create a pyramid of cards face down (including jokers, more on jokers and face cards later) starting with eight cards on the bottom row ending with one card on the top row (that should be eight rows resembling a pyramid/triangle). Deal the remaining cards equally between the players (extra cards may be disbanded).

The players then take turns flipping any card on the bottom row, if anyone has the card just flipped they have the choice (they may save the card until later if desired) to shout "fuck you X", where X is a player of their choosing (even if they weren't the one to turn the card over). "Fucking" a player means the card played must be discarded. All players "fucked" in a turn must drink the face value of the card in swigs of an alcohol of their own choosing.

If a player has two of the same cards in their deck they may choose to "double fuck" a player of their choice doubling the amount the "fucked" player must drink, "fuck" two players at a time or save one, or both, cards until later. A single player may be "fucked" by more than one player in a turn (sometimes it's fun to pick on someone or simply "fuck" the person "fucking" you as an instant revenge.).

Now the pyramid comes into play, once the bottom row of cards are all flipped over the second bottom row of cards is used where all card values are doubled. Once this row of cards is fully flipped over the third bottom row of cards is used where all card values are tripled and then the fourth bottom row, etc, all the way up to the row where the card value is multiplied by 8.

Face cards are all treated as having a value of one (including aces), however each face card has a special bonus. The bonuses are as follows:

Jokers - A "fucked" player may play a joker to reverse the "fuck". This causes the originally "fucked" player to no longer be "fucked" and the original player that began the "fuck" to take the amount of swigs appropriate. This card is played at the end of the round in an event of being "fucked" or the card may be saved until a more brutal fuck in a later round. In the event of flipping a joker from the pyramid the player that turned the card adds this card to their own deck for later use.

Kings - Everyone takes ten swigs, on top of their "fucks".

Queen - The player that turned the card, after allowing fucks for that turn, may then turn another card from any row where row multipliers still apply.

Jack - Toilet pass, no toilet passes may be taken without playing this card (played at any time, even during rounds). The card may be used to "fuck" a player with the cost of discarding their toilet pass. In the event of flipping a jack from the pyramid the card is added to the players deck for later use to either "fuck" someone or use as a toilet pass in a later round. The jack, or toilet pass, may also be traded between players for a price. Such as I'll give you the jack if you take my next fuck for me, or take 10 swigs now or give me one of your cards, etc. The rules of the trade are clearly up to the two trading players.

Ace - All players must play their highest card, the player that played the lowest value card must finish their drink (or equivalent in swigs, such 20ish)

Double - When two cards are played by one player in a turn, of the same value of course, that player may choose anyone to remove one item of clothing (a pair counts as one i.e. shoes, socks, etc). If the player chosen refuses to remove an item of clothing they must down their drink (or equivalent in swigs) for un-showmanship.

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