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Are your closets full of alcoholic beverages and you just don't know what do with them? Don't worry - just record a few episodes of MacGyver and invite some pleasant company to your place (like me) to play the MacGyver drinking game!

A shot is taken every time when:

- The MacGyver theme begins
- Any indefinite 80's drumfill starts
- Something explodes
- MacGyver finds something
- MacGyver invents something
- Someone asks MacGyver "What are you doing?"
- MacGyver explains what he's doing
- MacGyver explains how substances react together
- Someone says MacGyver
- Someone says Phoenix foundation
- MacGyver moralizes
- MacGyver strokes his back hair
- MacGyver shakes his fist after hitting a bad guy
- MacGyver uses a knife
- MacGyver says: "We need a diversion!"
- MacGyver is exposed for having a serious relationship with someone in the episode
- Bad guys sound like dorks
- Theres a timed bomb
- Additional drinking is allowed

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Added: 2007-07-09

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