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First of all you need a ridiculous hat (any hat will work though) and lots of beer. There can be as many people as you want to play this game but it works best with about 6-10 people.

To start, everyone gets one full cup of beer and all players then chug that beer. The person who chugs their beer the fastest is crowned the beermeister. This is where the game gets fun. The beermeister has the power to make anyone who participated in the chug off to drink at any time.

The game also is made so that the beermeister title can change hands.

When the beermeister tells someone to drink that person has 2 options: take their drink or challenge the beermeister to another chug off. If they challenge they each have half a cup of beer and the first to finish is the beermeister. If the challenger loses the chug off they are referred to as the beer bitch and have to chug a whole beer and get the beermeister refills until the next challenger, and still can be told when and how much to drink. They cannot challenge again until after they consume two beers.

The game is really interesting because the first beermeister usually gets challenged a lot so they have to drink quite a bit.

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