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You need enough cups for everybody playing + 1, a table, and a ping-pong ball. You can have as many people as the table holds playing the game. Fill a middle cup up with a full beer and fill your own cup with about 1/4 - 1/3 of a beer. One person starts with the ping-pong ball and attempts to bounce it off of the table into either the middle cup or any of the other cups on the table.

If it goes into the middle cup, everybody at the table finishes their cup and plays flip cup (put the cup on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it from it's base to the mouth of the cup) and the last person done has to chug the middle cup. If it goes into an opposing players cup then it's a 1 on 1 between the guy who shot the ball and the player whose cup it went in. Again, the loser has to chug the middle cup.

A cool aspect to this game is that every beer can (assuming you use cans) that you finish filling beers with can be crushed or twisted into any shape and become a "boulder". Boulders are used to alter where the ball goes, so if I was to put a boulder next to the middle cup than it would have a better chance of going in, or I could put it in front of my cup, etc. Also, if you are eliminated than you can use your cup and put it anywhere on the table that you please.

The only 2 rules to this game are that you have to chug the middle cup before play continues and you can't make it in your own cup, because if you do that you have to get naked (at least that's how we play it).

This game is pretty sweet because you can get any amount of people involved. It's also sweet because you can catch people off guard, like if a person is in a conversation with somebody and you're shooting, just shoot it in their cup and they won't know what hit them. Usually you do this to pass some time in a small basement or to get the night started. Try it out.

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