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A traditional Mugs setup involves two sides of ten cups each, placed in a triangle touching one another. These cups usually hold between 8 and 16 ounces. All cups are then filled about half way with beer. In between the two sides should be 3 glasses or "mugs" which should be taller than the cups which they separate in order to create a wall dividing the two sides. Players are divided into two teams, although 1 on 1 Mugs can be played by those who dare.

In order to determine which team shoots first, one representative from each team spins a quarter. Whichever team's quarter spins the longest wins first shot. Players shoot by bouncing a quarter from behind the "mugs" on their side of the table towards the opposing team's cups. If the quarter goes into an opposing team's cup, the cup is removed from play. The beer in the cup is then poured into the center "mugs" in any manner of choosing until all three mugs are full, in which case the beer must be consumed by the opposing team. Should any beer spill over the top of a mug while it is being poured, the "mug" must be consumed. Should the quarter from a made cup fall into a mug while the beer is being poured, the "mug" must be consumed. If a team's shot lands in a "mug", it must be consumed. If a team's shot lands into one of its own cups, the beer in the cup must be consumed. This cup is then refilled and put back into place on the table in an effort to encourage more drinking. Shooting alternates between each team, with each team rotating through its lineup of players.

Play continues until one team makes all of the opposing team's cups in which case the traditional cheer of "MUGS BITCHES!" is exclaimed by the winning team. The losing team is responsible for drinking the remaining beer on the table, including whatever is in the three center "mugs."

The rule of "Drink before you shoot" applies as it does in all games of real men.

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