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All that is needed is a lime. To spice things up you may place people's cell phones or other objects on the the table that may interfere with the spinning of the lime.

This game is basically an elaboration of Spin The Bottle. All players sit in a circle around the lime and each player in the circle takes turns spinning the lime. If either end of lime points at someone that person must drink. As an added bit of skill, objects can be placed on the table as obstructions. If the lime hits an object the spinner must then drink 3 times. If someone spins the lime and both ends are not pointing at anyone they can then pass out 5 drinks or any number that you see fit.

Sounds easy, I know. To be honest, it is, but you will get drunk fast so be sure to have lots of beer on hand. For people who want an added bit of skill try placing cups full of beer around the lime as obstacles if the lime hits one then the spinner must the consume the cup hit.

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Added: 2007-08-16

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