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Despite the name, this game can support any number of people and you will need at least 2 decks of cards.

To start the game deal out four cards to each player, one card at a time. DO NOT LOOK AT THE CARDS! Once all the cards are dealt, still without looking, arrange the cards in a straight line with the very last card on the right slightly above the others. Then with the second deck arrange the cards in a circle around a full can of beer just like kings. Players will draw cards from the ring and pass out or receive drinks from the card drawn from a range of 2-14 drinks. Then the cards are placed on the top of the beer can with at least 2 corners hanging over. Whomever knocks the cards over must chug the beer and this also ends the game. The game also ends when all cards from the circle are drawn.


The first card on the left my be turned over. This card will determine which color of cards you will be giving and taking. For example if your card were a ten of hearts you would then be able to pass out any red card you draw, and if you draw any black card you take that many.

The last card in the row at the very right may be flipped over now as well. This card is your "DOUBLER" card. The way the "DOUBLER" works is that, say your "DOUBLER" is a seven, any time a seven is drawn from the ring you must drink fourteen, hence the name "DOUBLER". HOWEVER, if your "DOUBLER" is a face card (jack, queen, king, ace), the person who draws that doubler may make a rule (that doesn't contradict the play of the main four cards).

The "SAFE CARD" is the second card in from the left. This card remains face down until you wish to use it. The way the "SAFE CARD" works is say you have a red card for your INFO CARD and you draw an black ace. You may flip over your SAFE CARD to drink what ever that card is instead. You may also use your safe card on your DOUBLER, say your doubler is a jack, instead of drinking 22 you may flip your safe card and drink doubler what ever that card is instead. Also, your safe card may be exchanged with you "BUS TICKET".

The way the "BUS TICKET" works is like this. At the end of the game after all the cards from the circle are gone or if the mushroom has been knocked over you're left with your "BUS TICKET" which is still face down. Flip over your "BUS TICKET". The person with the lowest card must then Ride the Bus. However if you have the lowest card and you still have your "SAFE CARD" you may use your safe card to try and get you out of riding the bus.

BarMeister's Note: No explanation was given for what "Ride the Bus" means. So we will just say that it means that you must chug the beer that was used to stack the discarded cards on.

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