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Played with an open circle disc/frisbee, each player gets 4 attempts to knock over an empty bottle of Dos Equis, score as follows:

- 1 point for knocking the bottle over
- 1 point for every bounce
- 1 point for a 'ringer' when the inside edge tips the bottle over
- 1 point for 'contact' if the frisbee rests touching the bottle

No points are awarded if the bottle remains standing at the end of a turn.

At the end of an attempt a player may attempt again or keep his score, for a maximum of 4 attempts. If a player accidentally attains a lower score on future attempts that score stands.

After the end of a player's set of throws, drinks are awarded as follows, 4-X where X is the score attained.

Depending on where the game is played, various additional rules may be used, some of the more popular ones include:

- If the bottle is broken the player must finish his beverage and clean up
- 1 point may be awarded for 'style' at the opponents discretion
- Attempts and maximum drinks are changed depending on course difficulty
- The bottle must always be facing the right way when replaced, if the two X's are not facing towards the thrower, opponents drink
- If the frisbee lands around the bottle but doesn't knock it over 4 points are awarded
- In some cases 5 points is a double and 6 or more is a triple, meaning your opponents double or triple their drinks the following turn

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