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This is a variation of a game also known as Kings, Kings Cup, Circle of Death and Ring of Fire.

You will need:
-A bowl
-52 card deck
-3+ people

Place the bowl on the middle and spread the cards on an overlapping circle around it. Each player draws a card in turn. The first player to break the circle must empty his or her vessel UNLESS no player notices the broken circle and the next player has drawn a card. If you have a funnel then the heart becomes the funnel suit. Any drinking fines received while this suit is drawn must be funnelled (leaves everyone hoping the last king isn't the king of hearts)

Ace = Ace in your face. Drink once
Two = Twice as nice. Drink twice
Three = Rule Card. The player makes up a rule of their choice, which must be followed. Only they may enforce the rule.
Four = Nominate Four. Nominate four drinks. They may be split up and drinks may be nominated to yourself.
Five = Chin/Table/Thumb master. There are variations of this. Chin master starts by sneakily putting their hand in a fist under their chin (maybe pretending to lean on it) the last player to mimic this action must drink. Can also be done with hanging your thumb over the edge of the table. Chin Master may begin whenever they want until another player draws a five.
Six = Snake eyes. No one may look this player in the eyes. If they do the said player may yell snake eyes and they must drink.
Seven = Game card. The player who draws this card chooses a quick drinking game. (Examples of games below)
Eight = Toilet card. No one may leave the table unless they have drawn a toilet card.
Nine = Waterfall. Everyone begins to drink. You may not stop until the player to your left has stop. The player who drew the waterfall card may stop whenever they want.
Ten = Empty your vessel. Skull the rest of your drink
Jack = Jackass. The player who draws this card must lick the back of the card and stick it to their forehead. Whilst 'Jackass' they may not draw a card from the circle. They will remain 'Jackass' until another player draws a jack
Queen = Question Master. All questions asked by the Question Master should not be answered. If any player answers the question they must drink once. The player who draws a queen will remain question master until another player draws a queen.
King = Add to the vessel. The first three players to draw a king must fill the vessel a third each. The player to draw the last king must skull the vessel.

Examples of Games:
21, yyeeehhaaaa, whiz bang bounce, Bing, seven, bust-a-rhyme, ship came into harbour, Bruce, I went to the shop, ible dible...
These are all pretty cool games but they are hard to explain. If you know how to play then these are the sorts of games you play when you draw a seven.

This is the variation of the game that we play in my part of the world and I advise you to give it a try.

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