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Civil war is played with 6 people 3 on each side. This game is like beer pong but much more cups and different rules.
Items needed for this game include:
36 cups or 38 if your a panzy and need a rinse cup.
3 beer pong balls(you might want more cause they tend to get lost or stepped on).
And a whole lot of beer.

Each team sets up 18 cups like this:

Edge of Table
Except that the cups are all touching. Each player on a side have a triangle which they fill their cups up with beer(2 or more beers in 3 cups). Once the cups are filled on both sides each team chooses a player to shoot the ball into the other teams cups if both players miss the next person on each team shots etc.. until someone on one of the teams makes it (if both players make it, they pass the balls to the next player as if they both missed.)

Once one side gets to shoot they take all the balls and shoot away. If the shot is missed the other team gets the ball as fast as possible and shoots for the other team. This is a rapid fire game and if a player on the other team shoots and beats you to the ball its their shot. If a cup is made the opponent whose cup was made must drink and cannot shoot they must give their ball to their teammates who can hold the balls and wait for the player to finish their beer or just shoot them.

If each player on one side has a cup in their hands that they are drinking they must give all the balls back to the other team. Once a player has no more cups in their triange they are out of the game and cannot shoot anymore, so its better to go for the best player on the other team first.

Every shot must be taken from behind the table so that no one is cheating. Bounces do not count for more than one cup just like if more than one ball is made in the same cup. Once a team wins the game it is played over by the same 2 teams because it is played in a best out of 3 series. If a player has to puke the game still continues and they have to drink their beer when they get back if any of their cups have been made.This is a very intense game so your best bet is to be able to drink alot and fast. Good luck and dont forget to kiss the toilet good night.

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