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This game is played with a deck of cards and an alcohol of your choice.

The deck of cards are set into a triangle of 10 cards(face down) just like bowling pins are with 4, then 3,2,1. After you make those piles you continue to place more cards on them in order. untill all the cards are placed. This game is played with jokers also.

The player to the left of the dealer is the first to grab a card.
They may choose from any pile and the card is place face up so anyone can see the card. each card is face value except for the jack, queen, king and joker. the jack, queen, and king are all tens. A joker is a gutterball, and 10 and above are all strikes.
If you get a strike or a joker you place it down infront of you, and your turn is over. If you get anything less you choose a second card from any pile while trying to get a spare now. If you get less than 10 in 2 cards you must drink however much you have to get 10. If you get more than 10 you double the amount that your over and drink. If you get a card that doesnt equal 10 and then get a strike(10, jack, queen, King) you double the amount your over and add 5 for breaking a strike. Example say you get an 8 and then get a king that means your 8 over so you double that to 16 and then add 5 so your drinking 21. Once there are no more cards left the game is over whoever has the most strikes wins and gets to pass out their strikes to anyone which are worth 2 more drinks. If you lose but have some strikes you drink 2 for each and 2 more for ever strike that is given to you. If you have a joker and win you may pass it to someone of your choice and they have to chug a whole beer. If you lose and have a joker you must chug a beer also.
Have fun.

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