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This is a very fun game, and can be pretty intense. Here's how it goes:

Get as many people as you want (at least three, but more than eight would probably be too many), and sit down at a table. You'll need to fill a cup up pretty much to the top with beer, and then every player will have their own cup, each with about a beer pong's amount of beer in it.

Put the full cup in the middle, and then circle everybody's own cup around the middle one, with each person's cup in front of them. Then, with a beer pong ball, each person, for their turn, has to bounce the ball once and get it into a cup. If it goes in some body's own cup, that person has to drink the cup, refill it, and put it back in the circle. However, when someone gets it into the middle cup, everybody has to quickly down their own cup and do flip cup as fast as possible. The person to flip their cup last has to chug the middle cup with all the beer. Its a pretty fun game, and can definitely get you pretty drunk.

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