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Texas Hold-Em with clothes and alcohol as the betting tools.
These are the rules...
Minimum of 4 players (preferably girl to guy ratio is greater)
Maximum articles of clothes = 6
Each article represents 1
1st round and how to bet:
The game starts when everyone has alcohol in front of them and clothes on their body. The rounds consist of making the blinds which are taking a shot. If you are familiar with Texas Hold-Em then only the big blind will be used with the first person to the left of the dealer. Once the shot is taken then the next person in line takes the shot to remain in the hand then makes the first action bet, or check. This continues around the table until the last initial bet or raise has been called. The blind was a shot and the betting takes place with articles of clothing. (example: take the shot, then bet 1 article, the person to the left of you if intends to play the hand for that round takes the shot then calls the article of clothing.) After the first round of betting and everyone has taken the shot who intends to remain in the hand the articles of clothing that were wagered go into the pot in the middle of the table.

2nd round through final round:
The first person to act makes the first action check or bet, followed by the person to his/her left to call the bet or raise the bet. This continues until the river card is displayed and the final bet has been called. At this point all players who have wagered clothing place them into the pot (at this point each player could be nude) The hand is won with the best hand and the person or persons without clothing can continue to play.

If someone is sitting completely nude after losing the previous hand they can continue to play. If they choose to leave the table they must stand in their spot during the duration of the next hand. (look to the cover up rules towards the bottom of the page) This is done to show whoever loses needs to practice (plus its all in good fun and there is no need to be shy). Once the hand is done and they still do not want to play they can put their clothes back on. If you lost your clothes to someone who is still in the game and they are wagering them you can ask for them back. This is considered buying back your clothes They have the right to make you do something probably really funny or possibly gross involving other players (try to keep it friendly) if you choose to accept the action then you may have your clothes back and the person who gave you your clothes back now does not have that in his/her arsenal (this could make the game now harder for them to win)

If they continue to play to win the clothes back this is done by calling articles of clothing that were wagered with an object or action to make the call known (simply a shot or a drink of beer per article, if they choose the action these must be kept in case they lose the hand AGAIN. There is no limit to the actions that can be bet or raised beyond the clothing amounts. (example: run around nude outside, in the apartment/house, or some sort of physical exertion standing at the table.

While playing the game articles of clothing consist of socks, pants, shirts, hats, and undergarments no more than 6 articles. Jewelery does not count, hair bows or bands do not count, there will be no articles worn at the table other than the 6 articles approved. During the hands there will be no foreign objects worn to cover (example; wagered articles, pillows, and HANDS) If you are sitting at the table to play then there should be no reason to be shy. This includes the person or person who lost and are standing at the table (CANNOT COVER UP)

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