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You will need the following items to play this game: 7 cups of the same size, 1 Ping-Pong ball, atleast one full deck of cards, a ton of beer, and AT LEAST two people to play. There can be more if you want.

Take one cup, place it top up in the middle of a table, then take the remaining 6 cups and place them in a closed circle around the middle cup. Take a beer(s) and fill the middle cup almost full, and the remaining outside cups half way. Take the deck(s) of cards, shuffle them, and divide them up equally amongst the players.

The dealer of the cards starts first. He throws his card first, then the person to the left, and so on and so forth. After everyone has thrown down their top card, the person with the highest card has control of the Ping-Pong ball.

The person in control of the ball has to bounce the ball into one of the cups filled with beer. If he makes it in, he chooses someone to chug the beer in that cup. Once a cup has been drank, fill the cup back up. If the person in control misses, the turn is passed, and a new card will be played. Once again, the person with the highest card is in control of the ball. Repeat process.

In the event of a draw the players with the highest matching cards throw their next card, and the loser has to drink the cup chosen by the highest card holder.

This game really has no ending until either everyone is too drunk to play or you have sadly run out of beer. Have fun, don't forget to hug your toilet goodnight.

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