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A deck of cards is used. A Big Cup needs to be in the center of the table. The cards are placed around the Cup in a circle. Play goes around the circle with each person drawing a card. The cards read as follows:

Ace: Waterfall whoever draws the card starts it. You can't finish until the person in front of you stops.

Two: is You. you hand out two drinks to anyone of your choice if you want to split them up you can

Three: is me you have to drink three sips

Four: is for Whores! all the ladies drink

Five: is Never have i ever. Everyone puts up three fingers and you go around and each person says something they have never done and if you have you put down a finger it ends when all three fingers are down

Six: is Dicks Sorry Fellows you must Drink

Seven: is Zip Boing who ever draws the card starts. you go around in a circle and say zip and when boing is said it gets reversed so it goes in a different direction so it zip zip and someone says boing it goes back to who ever said zip last

Eight: is Pick a date whoever you pick must drink when you drink and so on you cant pick someone who already has a date

Nine: is Bust a Rhyme you can play one word or a sentence

Ten: Categories

Jack: is back the person in front of you drinks

Queen: Question Master. Whoever is question master at any point in the game ask someone a question you must answer in a question. You are Question Master until another Queen id Drawn then it's passed on

King: is Cup Pour your drink in the cup and make a rule

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