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This game is wonderful for NFL or College football. Guaranteed to make everyone hate each other at the end of the game. I highly suggest playing with beer, but you can take shots if your man enough. First everyone picks the team they want to win. Then begin. Any time the opposing team gets one of the rules, you drink. So you mainly drink when your team is on defense. If more than one rule occures, add up the drinks and take them. Example: 3rd down completion means a first down so 3 drinks plus 2 drinks. Here are the rules....

Touchdown - 6 drinks
Extra Point - 1 drink
Two Point conversion - 2 drinks
Field goal - 3 drinks
Safety - 10 drinks

1st down - 2 drinks
3rd down completion - 3 drinks
4Th down completion - 4 drinks

Penalties - half the amount of the penalized yards

Interceptions - 5 drinks
Interceptions into a touchdown - 10 drinks
Fumbles - 3 drinks
Fumbles into a touchdown - 6 drinks
Sack - 5 drinks
Loss of yards - amount of yards lost
Punt - 2 drinks
If your punt is returned for touchdown - finish drink
Kickoff return - finish beer

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