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This game is used to determine punishments for party fouls(spilling a beer, breaking something,doing something dumb etc...)if some one f***s up they take a spin on the wheel

You get a circular board about 12" in diameter or so and put a spinner on it (screw and cut ruler with a hole drilled in one end)divide board into 8 sections and put elders choice, get wet or 2 laps,all drink, take a shot, take one give one, shotgun, cherries drink, and body art

Rules are as follows
Elders choice- oldest person there picks punishment from board re-spin is also an option

Get wet or 2 laps-if you are at a lake or similar person has to jump in (clothing optional)

Take a shot-self explanatory

Take one give one-take a shot and give someone a shot

Shotgun-self explanatory

Cherries drink-all cherries drink(if you weren't here last time your a cherry)

Body art-someone gets to draw something on you(your choice not theirs)

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Added: 2008-08-07

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