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This is a variation of Flip Cup (also known as Turbo Cups on this website). You need two teams of at least two people. In a relay-race format, you must chug a cup of beer roughly 1/4 to 1/3 full. When you finish you put the cup on the edge of the table rim-up and must flip the cup so it lands rim-down without falling over. Once you succeed, the next player on your team begins chugging.

Once one team finishes, then that ends the round. The losing team must then vote a member out of the game. Then round 2 begins. The catch is that you must always drink the same amount of cups as a team -- so when one player is eliminated, then one player must pull double-duty. Thus once you're the only player left on your team, you've gotta drink & flip yours plus one for each player voted out.

When there's only two players left on a team, you can decide how to vote the last one out. (Being the dorks that we are, we have the 'jury' of the voted out players decide).

When one team's completely eliminated, then the other team survives. This game will add up quick and is only for chuggers with strong stomaches!

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