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Single Deck Placenta

Equipment: Standard Card Deck (Jokers Included), Alcohol.

Getting Started: Deal out the entire deck evenly amongst all players. Once a starting player is chosen, players take it in turns to place a card from their hand into the central pile. Play moves clockwise from the starting player. No player may look at their hand, or decide which card they will cast into the central pile. The Mexican Screaming Word must also be chosen at this point.

Drinks: At the start of the game, before any cards are placed, all players must clink glasses and drink.

If a player places a card of the same suit as the player before him, both players must drink. If the next player along places the same suit again, he/she must drink twice and the player before him will drink again. If the next player along places the same card again he/she must drink three times and the player before him will drink twice again. This will continue so on and so forth until a card of dissimilar suit is placed.

If a player places a card of the same value as the player before him (ie. Jack on Jack, 10 on 10) then all players bar the player of the card and the player before him must drink. If the next player plays the same value card again all other players bar him/her must drink twice. If the next player plays the same value card again all other players bar him/her will drink 4 times.

If an ace is played at anytime all players must drink including the player who placed it, regardless of the card played beforehand. If the card is of the same value or suit as the card before it, then these drinks will be added on top of the bonus drink. For example, if an 8 of hearts is placed, followed by the ace of hearts then all players will drink once while the player of the 8 and the player of the ace will drink twice. If two aces are played in succession, all players will drink twice with bonus drinks added on top of this. If three aces are played all players will drink three times, plus all bonus drinks, and so on and so forth. Basically, the ace adds a bonus round of drinks, yet still acts as a normal card.
The Queen of Hearts acts the same way as an ace, but causes all players to drink twice instead of once.

The revered Nine of Hearts, eaten by Gemma the Tipsy, causes all players to drink three times and acts like the Queen of Hearts or an ace.

If a player produces a King of any suit, he or she is able to allocate a drink to any other player. The player is not allowed to assign the drink to themselves. Kings follow all rules of basic play. If two Kings are played in succession then the player is allowed to allocate two drinks to any player, with all standard rule drinks also taking place during the round. The drinks cannot be divided to be used against multiple players. If three Kings are played in a row then a player can allocate three drinks to another player, and so on and so forth.

If a player at anytime produces a 7 of any suit, he/she unlocks the power of the Mexican Screaming Card. At this point all players must shout the word agreed upon before the start of the round. If a player shouts out the wrong word, or is the last to shout it out, they must drink a shot of pure spirits. If this is not available, then they must take five sips of their own drink. The word must change at the start of every new round.

The final special card is the joker. The joker causes all players to drink. Though instead of drinking from their own cup they drink from the player to their left if the card is black and the right if the card is red. Unlike every other card the joker cancels all other drinks from other bonuses. If two jokers are delt in succession then two drinks are taken from both directions.

  • If a player puts down their card out of turn they must drink.
  • If a player puts down their card before all drinks of the round have been had, they must drink.
  • If a player does not cling glasses before drinking to any card that causes all players to drink, they must drink a bonus drink.
  • If any player runs out of drink during the round, they must drink the sum of all drinks while they are absent, when they return to the game.

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