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Watch ST, drink when required to.
(Use beer unless you want to die)

When to drink:

* Anytime Dizzy is a dike.
* Whenever you see Johnny's impressive jawline.
* Anytime you see Gary Busey's son's creepy-ass smile.
* Anytime you see a black person (Don't worry, its not often)
* Anytime there you see a robotic limb.
* Anytime Zander is a douche bag.
* Johnny watches his family die without realizing it.
* Every time you 'would like to know more'
* Anytime you fucking fall in love with NPH
* Anytime the ground caves in
* Anytime you find the idea of a bug that thinks offensive.
* One drink per tit shown
* Every time a new type of bug is introduced
* Anytime NPH is a Nazi
* Every time someone gets crushed in a door

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