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Rules of Shut F Up Slam:

For 2 to 4 players.

Need 4 packs of your favorite category of Slam Cards (available at http://www.shutfup.com)

Shuffle all the cards into one large deck.

Deal the deck evenly among the players.

All players slam one card down on the table at the same time. If any two match, the holders drink. If any of the cards is a Shut the F**K Up card, the holder drinks regardless if it's a match.

If the matching cards are both Shut the F**k Up cards - everyone drinks. The players with matching cards of any kind slam again. In this case, the card with the most words wins and that player takes all the cards that have been slammed in that round. Repeat until the player with most or all of the cards wins.

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Added: 2008-08-06

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