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This game can be played in quite some various ways, the easiest and with the most drinking involved is my favourite. This game is best played with friends before going out.

Number of players: 2 - 10 (or even higher) best = 5/6
Number of dice: 2
Kind of liquor: Whatever you want, we started of with beer. 1 Glass per time. But now we use rum (40%). When you have to drink your shot or beer, you will have to refill it so make sure you have a lot of booze.

You decide who is going first by rolling the dice, the person rolling the highest starts. The person who starts can throw a maximum of 3 times. If he chooses to throw twice or once, everybody has to do the same.

You can throw 3 times, but less is allowed (if you do throw less, you're a coward!). Your goal is to throw the highest, which is 21 (=2+1). Throwing a number twice, like 6+6 counts for 600. After the first person rolled the dice, he gives them to next person. Your ultimate goals is to throw 21, if you do so the loser (=the one throwing the lowest) has to drink double. There are some more numbers with a meaning to them, like:

3+1 = choose someone else to drink his drink. When you roll 31 you don't count that throw in your total of 3 rolls.
1+... = leave the 1 at the table for 1 throw, this makes it easier to throw 3+1 or 2+1.
2+... = leave the 1 at the table for 1 throw, this makes it easier to throw 2+1.

This game stops when you want it to stop so buy a lot of booze. And a thing i forgot, when you loose (throw the lowest) you have to drink your shot. The person who loses, starts the new game.

After getting the hang of this game you can add some new rules, for example:
- when you throw the dice of the table you have to drink
- when you take the dice out of somebodies hand you have to drink (This is very nice, great way to screw somebody!)

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