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This can be played with as little as two players up to as many players as the game will allow. You will need to have the board game, Candy Land, and a ton of beer. (You could play this with liquor but I wouldn't advise that!)

You follow the rules of the board game but here is the twist, each color is worth a different number of drinks.

Purple = 5 drinks
Blue = 4 drinks
Red = 3 drinks
Orange = 2 drinks
Yellow = 1 drink

So, for example, if you pick up a blue card you drink 4 and then take your turn. Also, if you pick up any card with double colors on them then you would take twice the drinks. For example, if you draw a card that has two purple squares on it, you drink 10! And, if you land on any of the "good characters" then you get to give out 2 drinks to who ever you choose. But, if you land on any of the "bad characters" then you have to drink 2.

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