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Start with the same rules you play regular Uno, but you drink the difference. For example, if the person before you plays a yellow 9 and you play a yellow 1, you will have to drink 8, but if the person after you plays, say a yellow 5, you must also drink that difference of 4.

Here are some other stipulations:

* If you have to draw a card - 2 drinks/big sips (for the whole amount, not per cards.)
* If you are skipped - 2 drinks/big sips.
* If a reverse is played and you were the one supposed to go take: - 2 drinks/big sips.
* If you forget to say UNO - 2 drinks/big sips
* Wild - 2 drinks/big sips -
* Wild Draw Four - 4 drinks/big sips
* If a draw 2 is played against you - 2 drinks/big sips
* If you play a card on top of another with the same number, nothing happens. (Your one freebe)

Special rule:

If you have a Uno deck that has the blank color cards, one of each color, you can play them against another for a drink/big sips of 10.

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